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Over the course of time, trends shift in every industry. New generations bring about new popular preferences. However, this progression doesn’t mean that everything from the past is destined to be left behind.

Here are 5 travel trends that are expected to continue thriving in 2019.

Instagram Holidays: Photo Friendly Destinations

There is no getting around it: Millennials and Gen X are groups with very particular wants and needs. One of those needs is that the rest of the world be aware of anything and everything they do. They only want to present a certain type of image though, one which includes pictures of people riding elephants, “#nofilter” sunsets, and saucy photographs with culinary delights. If a destination is photo-worthy, it’ll live on.

Package Vacations: Keep it Simple, but I Want it My Way

Sometimes it is just easier to get everything from the same place, like bundling your cable and internet. In the case of travel packages, that holds true. The only difference is that people are starting to expect options for customization. In fact, personalization is a trend sweeping through many areas of the travel industry.

The Unrealized “Trump Slump”: The USA Stays On Top

The current U.S. president’s success might be a controversial topic, but analysis shows that his presence is not hindering travel to the country as many predicted. The United States will remain one of the more popular destinations for world travelers, especially those from Europe and the United Kingdom.

Eco-Friendly Tourism: The Responsible Way to Travel

As the world goes green, many people are choosing to spend their holidays doing something kind for the planet. When exploitative tourism was exposed, many people decided to go as far as possible in the opposite direction. Instead of taking everything they can from mother earth and foreign cultures, responsible travelers are making a conscious effort to give back.

Unusual Lodging: The Weirder the Better

Whereas people in the past wanted only for comfort and luxury, the economy of experience has hit the travel industry hard. People like the idea of staying in an old growth tree house hanging over a canyon cliff. And as we move into 2019, the possibilities for accommodation are only going to get more extreme.

Staying current with trends is difficult, which is why aggregate reports can come in handy. As long as people go on vacation, someone will be around to keep track of the data on their preferences.

As for myself, I’ve been traveling a great deal to celebrate my engagement. Because of this, I’ll keep you all updated with any new trends I discover along the way.